• Two warehouse employees transport goods with used lift trucks

    Used Equipment Solutions from Pengate

    We know buying new isn't always in the budget, so it's our goal to provide you used equipment solutions at the most affordable price. We proudly boast one of the largest selections of used forklifts for sale in the Northeast; from electric lift trucks and pallet jacks to rugged tow tractors and counterbalanced trucks, we have the pre-owned equipment you need at the price you want.

    Because let’s face it—you shouldn't have to sacrifice quality for affordability. That's why we guarantee world-class performance on all our pre-owned and used forklifts.

  • The smartest decisions are always repeated with Raymond renewed forklifts

    Raymond Renewed™ Forklifts

    To strengthen our promise of providing you used equipment that meets your needs and your budget, we're excited to introduce our line of Raymond Renewed forklifts. Each unit is professionally refurbished, meticulously cleaned and thoroughly inspected by one of our certified technicians before it's delivered to your facility. That means you can be totally confident in the quality of our used equipment. As an extra level of protection, all Renewed forklifts come with our buy-back guarantee.

  • Forklift technician performs quality inspection on lift truck

    The Ultimate Quality Assurance

    Our material handling experts know the last thing you need is a used forklift that doesn’t perform to your expectations...and the last thing we want is for you to be dissatisfied. So we've put every Raymond Renewed lift truck through an incredibly rigorous Quality Assurance Process to make sure it's ready to perform when it hits your floor. ...Talk about a performance guarantee!

    To learn what this process entails, check out the comprehensive checklist below.

  • General: All units externally cleaned & checked for structural integrity
  • Drive Units: Inspected for proper operation & leaks, repaired as necessary
  • Caster Assembly: Inspected for proper operation & damage, adjusted as necessary
  • Motors: Tested for proper grounds & brush wear, repaired as necessary
  • Hydraulic Pumps: Inspected for leaks, rebuilt/replaced as necessary
  • Valves: Inspected for leaks & operation, resealed as necessary
  • Hose Assemblies: Inspected for leaks/damage, replaced as necessary
  • Electrical Panels: Visually inspected for corrosion & wear, repaired as necessary
  • Electrical Connections: Checked to ensure a tight connection
  • Wire Harnesses: Checked for wear & damage, repaired as necessary
  • Controller: Tested for proper operation, repaired as necessary
  • Mast Assemblies: Inspected for physical damage/wear, repaired as necessary
  • Lift Rams: Inspected for chrome damage & leaks, cylinders repaired and repacked as necessary
  • Brake System: Tested for safe operation, components rebuilt/replaced as necessary
  • Steering: Checked to assure smooth operation with no loose parts
  • Wheels and Tires: Inspected for wear & replaced when necessary (some wear acceptable)
  • All Moving Parts: Lubricated as appropriate
  • Paint: Unit externally detailed or painted as necessary
  • Inspection/Testing: Tested under load conditions to assure proper operation/function
  • All Trucks: Reset to factory default operating parameters before shipping

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Unsure if buying used is the right move? Let one of our experts assess your operation to determine which of our solutions would work best in your application. Ask us about scheduling a consultation today.

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