Deserthog Batteries

  • The Deserthog battery delivers all the power, reliability and performance you expect from an EnerSys Ironclad battery. And you get the added convenience of having the most "maintenance free" flooded battery in the industry. Available in 90, 100 and 125 amp hour sizes, Deserthog batteries contain an added water reserve that gives you up to four inches of watering space. You'll add water about 4-6 times a year versus every week. That means a more efficient operation with lower maintenance costs.

    The Deserthog was designed with a higher jar, a bit less sediment space and no special alloys to maximize water space. There is more space above the plates than standard batteries of the same size. We've filled that extra space with water—up to 132% more water—drastically reducing the watering intervals from once every week to once every few months! To make things even easier, we've attached Flip-Top vent caps for easy access when it is time to water. Watering times are reduced up to 50% with these Flip-Top caps.

    The square tubular design of Ironclad batteries exposes more surface area of the positive plates to the electrolyte, which delivers higher sustained voltages and more work capacity than round or flat plate designs throughout the discharge cycle. We call this increase in work capacity the Ironclad Effect and it means you can rest assured that you’ve got the battery power you need to get the job done!

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