Loadhog Batteries

  • The Loadhog battery is a proven high-performance battery delivering brute strength and real staying power. Loadhog batteries were the first to pack 100 amp-hours of capacity into a standard 85 amp-hour compartment. That's 18% more capacity than similarly sized conventional batteries - more than enough to keep running strong through the toughest shifts. The Loadhog battery delivers higher voltage levels throughout discharge than standard flat plate or round tube battery designs due to the Ironclad Effect.

    The square tubular design of Ironclad batteries exposes more surface area of the positive plates to the electrolyte, which delivers higher sustained voltages and more work capacity than round or flat plate designs throughout the discharge cycle. We call this increase in work capacity the Ironclad Effect and it means you can rest assured that you’ve got the battery power you need to get the job done!

    When a Loadhog battery is installed in a DC lift truck, the benefit of higher voltage is straightforward: faster drive and lift speeds. Plus, higher amp-hour capacity ratings will ensure your lift truck runs long into the shift day and maximizes your operations productivity.

    In an AC lift trucks, the Loadhog will sustain consistent run and lift speeds until the battery reaches the maximum discharge level. This consistent performance is possible because the AC motor offsets a battery's normal voltage drop during discharge by drawing more and more amps. Because the Loadhog battery can sustain higher voltages throughout the shift, combined with its higher amp-hour capacity ratings, the Loadhog battery will provide longer run times in an AC truck when compared with a flat plate or round tube battery design.

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