Workhog Batteries

  • Workhog batteries deliver premium performance thanks to our exclusive square tubular positive plate design. They offer unconventional value by running up to 20% longer than conventional "standard" flat plate batteries. Workhog batteries have proven themselves to be reliable, rugged performers in thousands of applications and work environments. While the Workhog battery is adding value by boosting productivity, it's also cutting costs. Workhog batteries decrease expensive lift truck maintenance because the higher sustained voltage and lower amp draw reduces heat and strain on the truck's electrical components.

    First introduced in 1910, the Ironclad design is well established as the performance leader. Since then, Ironclad batteries have proven themselves as reliable, rugged performers in thousands of applications and work environments. Workhog batteries by EnerSys, are available in sizes to fit vehicles from small personnel carriers up to the largest 100,000-lb. lift truck.

    We've made a great battery even better. The latest generation of Workhog batteries, rated at 75, 90 and 125 amp hour, are the most powerful "standard" rated batteries on earth. Using unique Ironclad square tubular positive plate design, they produce more power than previous comparably rated models.

    The secret behind the Workhog battery performance is the Ironclad Effect - the increased work capacity of the EnerSys square tubular plate when compared to round tube and flat plate battery designs. Ironclad square tubes provide more surface area on the positive plate, exposing more positive plate active material to the electrolyte. This combination of greater positive surface area and electrolyte provides the higher sustained voltages throughout the discharge cycle.

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