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  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs with automated Raymond lift trucks and forklifts from Pengate Handling Systems

Create an Intelligent, Automated Warehouse

Getting started with warehouse automation can be intimidating, but we've got the tools, teams and technologies to simplify your implementation. Our experienced consultants, engineers and automation experts are on hand to deliver you integrated system solutions, all backed by our comprehensive telematics platform that offers in-depth data and insights to measure your warehouse efficiency.

Our Automated Material Handling Solutions

  • Automated material handling solutions: automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and automatic lift trucks and forklifts

    Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

    AGVs increase efficiency and reduce costs by helping to automate specialized tasks within a facility. They also provide automated material movement for a variety of industries. Let us evaluate your application and recommend the right automated solution for your operation.

  • Automated material handling solutions: the Radio Shuttle pallet runner and pallet shuttle system

    The RadioShuttle Pallet Shuttle System

    The Raymond Radioshuttle pallet shuttle system is our flexible, high-density storage solution to help maintain maximum selectivity and increase your operational efficiency with advanced, semi-automatic pallet shuttle functionality.

  • Automated material handling solutions: automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS)

    Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

    Designed as part of an integrated material handling systems, AS/RS offer high-density storage within a compact footprint and can be tailored to your unique warehouse and distribution needs to keep you competitive in the supply chain environment.

  • Automated material handling solutions: vertical and horizontal automated carousel systems

    Vertical & Horizontal Carousel Systems

    When you need to take control of inventory management and warehouse floor space recovery, you need an automated carousel system that increases your throughput while saving space. Our horizontal carousel systems and vertical lift modules get the job done right.

  • Automated material handling solutions: automated conveyor systems and automated roller systems

    Automated Conveyor Systems

    Speed up order fulfillment, manage inventory and accomplish lean goals for just-in-time and process controls with our automated conveyor systems. Whether you're moving individual products, full cases or entire pallets, our experts can suggest the best conveyor system for your needs.

  • Automated material handling solutions: automated industrial robots

    Automated Industrial Robots

    Industrial robots are designed and programmed to facilitate picking, packing and palletizing in your warehouse. Let our team of experts recommend the best industrial robot for you, equipped with software, controls and vision systems to support any application.

Optimization Before Automation

The era of automation is here, ready to keep your business productive and competitive. But organizations need to rethink before they retool. Prior to the introduction of any sort of automated system, your warehouse and processes should first be analyzed and optimized by evaluating different aspects of your operation.

Optimization before automation consideration: monitoring and evaluating the size and type of your forklift and lift truck fleet.          Optimization before automation consideration: monitoring and evaluating your labor force and productivity levels.          Optimization before automation consideration: monitoring and evaluating traffic patterns and bottlenecks in a warehouse's workflow.

Ready to Get Automated?

If you'd like more information about our automated warehouse systems and solutions, or would like to set up an optimization consultation, drop us a line below. We'll be in touch soon to get the conversation started.

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