• Improve the way your workforce works with the Raymond iWAREHOUSE Labor Management System

Save Big on Labor Costs, Utilization & Processes

  • Raymond's Labor Management System offers a single, scalable solution for businesses of all sizes to implement cost-effective fleet and labor management solutions. The LMS software ensures maximum labor utilization by providing unobstructed sightlines into how your employees are using their time. Our scalable labor management solution is easily integrated with your existing technologies—including your WMS, time clocks, and ERP—and can be tailored to work with your specific operation, providing the exact data you need to improve the way your workforce works.

    Ask us about adding the Raymond LMS to your operations today.

Case Study - Labor Management in Action

  • The Challenge?

    To reduce labor costs and increase operational efficiencies, GENCO partnered with iWAREHOUSE and Easy Metrics to develop a plan to streamline their process of gathering and analyzing data.

  • The Results.

    With iWAREHOUSE and Pengate's LMS, the data derived provided GENCO with a 360-degree view of their operations from an equipment and labor management perspective.

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