Automated Carousel Systems, Vertical Carousels, Horizontal Carousels

  • Pengate offers vertical and horizontal automated carousel systems for automated storage and retrieval

Automated Carousel Systems: Part of a Blended Solution

  • Automated carousel systems are part of a robust, blended automation system

    A carousel is an automated storage and retrieval device that uses a series of shelving units to rotate along a track to bring warehouse items to an operator. These devices range from vertical lift modules and vertical carousel systems to horizontal carousel systems and, along with many other wonderful features and benefits, they require less storage space and reduce inventory while simultaneously reducing picking errors.

    Though automated industrial carousel systems may not be the right fit for every single application, they can be considered part of a robust, blended automation system when combined with the right product line and order profile.

The Benefits of Automated Industrial Carousel Systems

  • The benefits of automated industrial carousel systems: compact footprint and increased floor space

    Increased Floor Space

    One of the most obvious benefits to automated carousel systems is the increased space savings they provide. Most shelving units waste aisle space and don't allow you to fully utilize the ceiling height of your facility. Automated carousels, however, offer high density storage within a compact footprint.

  • The benefits of automated industrial carousel systems: reduced labor requirements

    Reduced Labor Requirements

    By delivering goods directly to your operators, automated carousels dramatically decrease the time spent walking and searching for items while simultaneously increasing worker productivity. This allows you to reassign manual picking labor to other necessary tasks without losing throughput.

  • The benefits of automated industrial carousel systems: improved pick accuracy

    Improved Pick Accuracy

    The problem with manual pick processes is that they significantly increase the opportunity for human error to occur. Make sure you avoid costly picking mistakes and pick errors in your customer orders by integrating an automated industrial carousel system into your operations.

  • The benefits of automated industrial carousel systems: increased order throughput

    Increased Throughput

    In a manual picking operation, employees typically fill only one order a time, which translates into lower pick-per-hour rates. Automated carousel systems utilize a goods-to-person concept which double throughput by eliminating walk and search times.

  • The benefits of automated industrial carousel systems: increased inventory control

    Greater Inventory Control

    Avoid missing or misplaced goods by implementing an automated industrial carousel system in your facility to keep better track of your products. Plus, a carousel will help quickly and efficiently locate items for taking stock of your current inventory.

  • The benefits of automated industrial carousel systems: improved safety and ergonomics

    Improved Safety & Ergonomics

    Deliver stored items within the Golden Zone—between the shoulders and the knees—to eliminate the need to bend down or overstretch to reach materials when order picking, preventing workplace injury and the likelihood of worker's compensation claims.

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