Automated Carousel Systems

  • Operator utilizes vertical automated carousel in warehouse to pick product

    Part of a Blended Solution

    A carousel is an automated storage and retrieval device that uses a series of shelving units to rotate along a track to bring warehouse items to an operator. These devices range from vertical lift modules and vertical carousel systems to horizontal carousel systems and, along with many other wonderful features and benefits, they require less storage space and reduce inventory while simultaneously reducing picking errors.

    Though they may not be right for every application, with the right product line and order profile, carousels can be considered part of a robust, blended automation system.


  • Increase picking speed & order accuracy
  • Improve operator productivity and morale
  • Safely store and retrieve uniform or uniquely shaped items
  • Shorten pick time through reduced walk distance
  • Improve inventory record accuracy
  • Easily enter additional SKU's for growing operations
  • Improve customer service and response time
  • Reduce shrinkage and product damage
  • Reduce or eliminate unnecessary paperwork
  • Reduce space requirements and maximize cube utilization
  • Reduce equipment downtown


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