Pallet Shuttle & High Density Storage

  • The Radioshuttle is a semi-automated pallet shuttle system to aid in high-density storage in warehouses, supply chains, and distribution centers

The Benefits of High Density Pallet Racking Systems

  • Automated storage solutions and pallet handling systems are becoming necessary to handle the growing demands of your business. Maintain maximum selectivity and increase your operational efficiency with the Radioshuttle pallet shuttle, an automated storage and retrieval system.

    Radioshuttle—also known as a pallet runner—is a semi-automated system that allows for maximum use of your warehouse space. It's easily managed with a remote control and allows you to maintain selectivity between all levels.

Features of the Radioshuttle Pallet Shuttle System

  • The Radioshuttle pallet racking system offers greater storage flexibility in warehouse facilities

    Greater Storage Flexibility

    The Radioshuttle pallet racking system is remote operated and battery powered, which allows your operators to continue working while the system is busy transporting pallets elsewhere.

  • Get accurate pallet loading in the first position with the Radioshuttle pallet runner's guidance rail

    Guidance Rail for Accurate Loading

    The Radioshuttle AS/RS has a guidance rail that aids your operators in loading pallet units into the structure and then guiding them into the first position.

  • The racking structure for the Radioshuttle system can be custom configured to fit your needs

    Versatile Racking Structure

    The Radioshuttle structure can be configured for FIFO or FILO storage, in a pick tunnel or in a staging system and is designed to support heavy throughput and pallet loads up to 3,960 lbs.

  • Conveniently charge the Radioshuttle automated storage and retrieval system using its easy charging station

    Convenient Charging Station

    The Radioshuttle charging station fits up to 2 sets of batteries and provides fast and easy charging of your pallet runner's batteries. It also includes a display to clearly show the charge status.

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