Close-up of the integrated technology display screen on a Raymond reach truck

A Smarter, More Productive Reach Truck

Imagine your lift trucks could do more than just, well...lift. What if they could automatically adapt to your needs to not only simplify your warehouse management strategy, but identify opportunities to boost productivity and eliminate inefficiency too?

 Now—with new integrated technology and telematics built directly into the control system of each truck—our complete line of Raymond reach-fork lift trucks can help you do just that.

  • Enhanced operator comfort and confidence

    Allow your operators to feel at home on your reach trucks (and at ease on the job) with multiple stance options, precise control with a single-axis handle, better suspension, superior stability and greater visibility via an open-view mast.

  • Lower maintenance expenses

    Experience a reach truck that's intelligently engineered with fewer parts and more durable components—like ductile iron and bolt-on base legs. Plus, each one now requires half the scheduled maintenance of competitive trucks, for increased uptime.

  • Superior performance and productivity

    Each truck's industry-leading lift, lower, acceleration and travel speeds allow you to move more pallets per hour, and exceptional energy-efficiency provides fewer battery changes, which means lower charging costs and increased uptime for you.

The Ultimate Display for Simplicity & Usability

This integrated technology collects real-time data for each truck in your fleet, which can be viewed at any time on a single, multi-functional, touchscreen display. You can then use the collected data to help simplify day-to-day challenges for every member on your team.

 The best part? It's now standard on every new Raymond reach truck from Pengate, and is available as a retrofit option on your older models.

Beauty shot of the integrated technologies and telematics display screen for Raymond reach fork trucks

The Benefits of Integrated Technology & Telematics

  • Reach truck operator optimizes his daily work using integrated technology and telematics


    >> Intuitive touchscreen interface makes the truck easier to learn and easier to use.

    >> Consolidated controls provide a single point of focus for faster, easier, more comfortable operation.

    >> Full-color, tiled display offers quick, clean information for greater speed, efficiency and productivity.

  • Warehouse managers discuss data insights from integrated reach truck technology to improve productivity


    >> Scalable fleet and warehouse management solutions allow the truck to grow with your business.

    >> Real-time data provides insights to help optimize your operation.

    >> Electronic upgrades minimize downtime and avoid costly retrofits necessary with competitive trucks.

  • Reach truck technician diagnoses and troubleshoots issues using real-time data from integrated technology


    >> Real-time status updates and fault-code updates help aid in troubleshooting issues.

    >> Test modes for programmed analog and digital diagnostics speed up troubleshooting processes.

    >> Remote system enhancements allow for faster upgrades and truck modifications for less downtime.

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