Merger Announcement

Arbor Material Handling, Inc., Pengate Handling Systems, Inc., and Pengate Handling Systems of New York, Inc. are merging as of April 1, 2024. This means Arbor Material Handling, Inc. and Pengate Handling Systems of New York, Inc. will become Pengate Handling Systems, Inc. Your company will still receive the same top-notch service and support you always have and will still work with the same great team. This merger will allow Arbor Material Handling, Inc. and Pengate Handling Systems of New York, Inc. to work with a company that can provide even more solutions than previously offered. 
As a result, there will be certain process and technology changes that may affect you directly, including updating our vendor record within your system, purchase order recipient, establishing a new ERP relationship, invoicing, remittance information and accounts receivable contact information.


Please downloads the forms below:

Pengate Handling Systems Inc W9

Merger Announcement Customer Impact

To learn more about our transformation, visit the Pengate site If you have questions, please contact us through your current Arbor Material Handling, Inc./Pengate Handling Systems of New York, Inc. contact or send an email to [email protected].