Warehouse Consulting Services Scaled to Meet Your Unique Needs

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    Let's face it. The term "material handling" is so all-encompassing, it can be hard to trust that your service provider knows exactly what works best for your unique application. At Pengate, we've had nearly 30 years to perfect our warehouse consulting services so they fit just right for your particular industry.

    We've partnered with customers all across the material handling spectrum—from grocery to pharmaceutical and cold storage to distribution—so we know that when it comes to warehouse consulting, one size definitely doesn't fit all. Even when it comes to serving multiple clients within the same industry, we believe that fine-tuning our consulting services so they work seamlessly with your operation is crucial to a successful partnership.

Warehouse Consulting Services

  • Raymond Fleet Evaluation Services

    Fleet Evaluation

    Let us help you assess and improve upon the utilization of your entire lift truck fleet. We'll determine your true operatin costs by providing you visibility into your maintenance and operational cost drivers.

  • Allied warehouse products

    Space Efficiency & Utilization

    Whether you're looking to improve space utilization and storage/handling processes within an existing facility or a brand new construction project, our professionals can help you fully optimize your space.

  • iWAREHOUSE Enterprise material handling data analysis

    Operational Optimization

    Let us evaluate your operation to determine better strategic decisions you should be making: from measuring and lowering your energy usage to helping you assess and optimize your associates' performance.

Let Us Help You Optimize Your Warehouse Operations

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