Pick2Pallet LED Light System

Increase Picking Accuracy. Boost Productivity.

  • In low level batch picking applications, one customer has experienced an estimated 20% productivity increase and 35% reduction in pick error.

    With high operator turnover, inexperienced labor, increasing SKU numbers, and faster fulfillment times, pick errors are at an all-time high. By utilizing Raymond’s industry-exclusive Pick2Pallet LED Light System, facilities can minimize picking errors, maximize productivity, improve fulfillment times, and enhance operator training.

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  • Pick2Pallet LED Light System - Designed for Order Picking

    The only put-to-light system of its kind, Pick2Pallet visually indicates correct product placement in batch-picking applications by illuminating LED lights embedded in the forks under the A, B, C or D pallet position – enabling operators to quickly move to the next pick with confidence.


Sample Warehouse* Without Pick2Pallet With Pick2pallet**
Cases Picked Per Week 1,000,000 1,000,000
Pick Accuracy 99% 99.25%
Weekly Mispicked Cases 10,000 7,500
Annual Mispicked Cases 520,000 390,000
Cost Per Error $10 $10
Annual Mispick Cost $5,200,000 $3,900,000

*Retail Grocery Application

**Assumes Pick Accuracy Increase 25%


Potential Annual Savings 

  • “We heavily rely on the Raymond Pick2Pallet LED Light System to assist in training new pickers and seasonal help. Without the Raymond Pick2Pallet LED Light System we would experience numerous mispicked pallets during these periods.”

    - Koerner Distributor (A Leading Beverage Distributor)


Pick2Pallet is compatible with barcode-scanning and voice-directed systems for easy implementation into your facility.

 + Available on pallet truck models (new or field Installation): 8410, 8510, 8720  + Wholesale Distribution
 + Food, Grocery, Beverage
 + LED life expectancy: +20,000 hours*  + Retail
 + IP65 protection for reliable performance in harsh environments  + Manufacturing

*LUXEON Rebel Reliability Datasheet RD07 (11/07)

Take Productivity to the Next Level

An intuitive system deserves industry leading lift trucks to go along with it. We offer pallet jacks that can handle the workload you and your warehouse require.

By adding the Pick2Pallet technology to the base layer of these trucks, you get an integrated system into your warehouse ecosystem to achieve greater levels of productivity and efficiency.

  • Raymond 8510

    Turn Your Trucks into the Ultimate Picking Machines

    Raymond offers integrated multimodal technologies that can be added to your base trucks. By combining the Raymond Advance Operator Assist Technology with our patented Pick2Pallet LED light System, you can experience efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

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