• Our intelligent power systems and solutions include forklift batteries, forklift battery chargers, battery handling systems and motive power solutions.

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  • Turn productivity into power with our intelligent electric forklift battery and charger solutions.

    Your operation is constantly in motion, which means it's important to keep your industrial equipment ready to perform at maximum capacity when you need it. We understand how detrimental downtime can be to your bottom line; that's why we're proud to offer you the very best electric forklift batteries and related battery handling equipment, including battery chargers, power-related parts and battery handling services.

    Plus, as a Raymond Authorized Solutions and Support Center, we're at the forefront of advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology with the full line of EnerSys power products. But no matter what brand of forklift you're working with, we have a power solution to ensure:

With power solutions from Pengate, you'll get: more runs per shift, increased performance per shift and less overall maintenance and downtime.

Electric Forklift Batteries, Forklift Battery Chargers & Battery Handling Solutions

The Advantages of Using Electric Lift Trucks Over Fuel-Powered Machines

An increasing number of industrial companies are making the switch from fuel-powered machines to electric lift trucks. That's because electric forklifts are ideal for warehousing, transportation, manufacturing, distribution, and food & beverage operations. Not only do forklifts powered by electricity offer better fuel consumption, cleaner energy and lower operational costs, but they also have fewer moving parts, which equates to less maintenance and fewer lost hours for you.

The advantages of using electric lift trucks over internal combustion vehicles include less maintenance, increased safety, more efficient batteries and applicational benefits for forklift operators.

  • Hydrogen Fuel cell, Fuel Cell Powered Lift Truck

    Say Hello to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

    As a key partner in Raymond's network of dealerships, we're at the forefront of hydrogen fuel cell battery technology. We provide our partners with the information and applicational analysis they need to fully understand the business opportunities fuel cells can bring to the material-handling industry. Discover how our team of battery experts can help you implement new solutions to improve both productivity and throughput in your operation.

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