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  • lead acid battery monitoring system, forklift monitoring systems

    Pengate offers a full line of batteries, battery handling systems and chargers for lift trucks and pallet jacks used in the most demanding industrial and warehousing applications.

    Rating for rating, our portfolio for electric lift trucks and pallet jacks ensures that you get more runs per shift, a higher capacity for sustained performance during each shift, and less maintenance downtime – turning your productivity into profit.

Advantages of Electric Lift Trucks Over Conventional Forklifts

Electric vehicles offer distinct advantages over any form of internal combustion (IC) lift truck. These advantages-in addition to the environmental benefits-include:

  • Reduced maintenance for electric trucks vs. IC trucks means less downtime for electric vehicles. This could translate into fewer vehicles and less capital cost for a given facility or operation.
  • Longer service life for electric lift trucks…about 30% longer than IC units, according to the Lead Industries Association, Inc.
  • Easier OSHA and anti-pollution requirements. Safe, efficient operation in hazardous and controlled environments.
  • Lower fuel costs than for internal combustion units because electricity costs less per hour of work. Costs for battery power are lower even when factoring the replacement costs of batteries as an energy cost.
  • Lower overall operating costs. National Services, Inc., a consulting firm in Huntington Beach, CA, specializing in the economic control of material handling equipment has determined that there is a $.99 per hour average savings in the operating costs of electric vs. IC units.

Forklift Battery, Lift Truck Chargers and Motive Power Solutions

Battery Chargers, Forklift Batteries, Forklift Battery Charger

Forklift Batteries by Enersys

Pengate partners with EnerSys for battery reliability, durability and productivity. Click below to learn more about our Enersys lift truck battery solutions.

Lift Truck battery charger, forklift battery chargers

Forklift Battery Chargers

We offer the high capacity and reliable EnerSys lift truck battery chargers to drive productivity in your operations.

Hydrogen Fuel cell, Fuel Cell Powered Lift Truck

Opportunity Charging Solutions

We offer the state-of-the-art Enersys line of fast charge batteries and chargers for fork lift trucks and other motive power applications.

LIft Truck Charger, Opportunity Charger, Forklift Battery Charger

Battery Handling Systems

For high and / or low throughput operations, Pengate has all of your battery handling needs covered.

  • Hydrogen Fuel cell, Fuel Cell Powered Lift Truck

    Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

    As a key partner in the Raymond Sales and Service Center network, Pengate is at the forefront of fuel cell battery technology development. We offer our customers the information and analysis they need to more fully understand the range of opportunities fuel cells offer their businesses and our industry, as well as the ability to see the technology in use first-hand. Because when it comes to creating new solutions to improve business productivity and through-put, more companies choose Pengate.

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