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    Pengate partners with EnerSys for reliable and high capacity chargers that drive productivity.

    The charger is the heart and soul of a battery powered system. Exide battery chargers by EnerSys feature versatile control boards with digital displays and controls that deliver total battery management with LEDs for refresh and equalize – all on one easy-to-use, easy-to-read display.

Exide Workhog Chargers


Exide Workhog Chargers consist of a complete line of single-phase and three-phase chargers for every charging need. They are built in EnerSys’ Hertner facility, which has been producing quality chargers since 1903. Workhog Chargers are fully automatic, ferroresonant chargers that provide maximum battery protection with added flexibility using a universal control board. Workhogs have two Control Board options:

Silver Charger Control

Gold Charger Control

All Silver Control features, plus:



Loadhog chargers represent the perfect marriage between proven SCR technology and a unique microprocessor. It uses a microprocessor to control current (amperes) during its unique charging cycle and adjust to meet the requirements of each battery. Upon battery connection, the microprocessor runs an evaluation period. It checks itself, the charger and actually interrogates the battery. The Loadhog will regulate the starting and finishing current for complete charge. Undercharging or harmful overcharging does not occur. 

Depth Charger


The fully automatic Depth Charger features proportional charging for cool operation. Every battery has its own optimum charging capacity, and only the Exide Depth Charger accounts for the difference. The Depth Charger monitors the condition of your battery and adjusts to its power needs. Just connect the battery to the Depth Charger, and the I-E-I charging characteristic takes over. The Depth Charger proportionally charges every battery depending on its AH need and depth of discharge by regulating the starting current, the voltage, and the finishing current. The result is a complete, controlled charge every time, and the I-E-I charging current ensures a cool charge. Your battery will not be damaged by high temperature during charging. When a full charge is reached, the Proportional Charge Terminationä shuts down the Depth Charger automatically. 

Maximum productivity through intelligent technology…

Single Shift Chargers


Single Shift Chargers are ideal for pallet trucks and other light to medium duty applications. They are available in 12, 24, 36, and 48 volt sizes with: