• The future of training is virtually here with the new virtual reality simulator from Raymond

  • Out of the Classroom, Into the Warehouse

    The material handling industry has recently witnessed a decline in the availability of skilled labor. When coupled with ever-increasing demands for greater productivity, this decline is forcing many facilities to completely rethink their current training strategy.

    With Raymond's brand new Virtual Reality Simulator, now you can get your operators out of the classroom and into the warehouse for an engaging, hands-on training experience. The result? A well-trained workforce ready to help you reach your bottom line.

One System for Multiple Trucks

This versatile training tool is easy to implement and can be used to train operators on multiple Raymond lift trucks in your existing fleet. Once the system is hooked up and the forklift is plugged into the simulator's patent-pending sPort, the training session can begin. Simple, right?

Directions for setting up and using the new virtual reality simulator from Raymond

  • A snapshot from the Raymond virtual reality simulator that shows a warehouse employee operating a forklift

  • The virtual reality simulator allows forklift operators to see their hands on the forklift controls for a better training experience

  • The virtual reality simulator features interactive lessons for forklift operator training

The Virtual Reality Simulator comes with a series of lessons for various Raymond lift trucks in your fleet. Each guided lesson increases in complexity as your operators progress and builds upon the principles introduced in the lessons prior. This unique framework ensures your operators receive a consistent training experience while simultaneously learning the proper warehouse behaviors you desire.

The Benefits of a Virtual Training Solution

  • The Raymond virtual reality simulator provides a more controlled training environment for operators

    More Controlled Environment

    Actual lift scenarios on a stationary truck within a virtual environment

  • More productive operators is one of the enterprise-wide benefits of the Raymond virtual reality simulator

    More Productive Operators

    Immersive, engaging experience develops skills and builds operator confidence

  • The Raymond virtual reality simulator allows for more usable space in the warehouse during operator training

    More Usable Space

    Stationary truck allows for operator instruction without taking up a large training space

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