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  • Warehouse productivity is improved with the integration of hydrogen fuel cells into Raymond lift trucks.

    Hydrogen Fuel Cells

    The Raymond Corporation continues its rich history of innovation by investigating and developing the application of fuel cells to our lift trucks. Based on our research, we have found that there is significant potential to improve warehouse productivity with the integration of fuel cell technology.
    Hydrogen fuel cells offer higher productivity because they can be rapidly refueled – in several minutes versus several hours – and eliminate the need to change a battery. Also, the voltage delivered by a fuel cell remains constant until the fuel is depleted. Until the fuel runs out, the vehicle experiences no performance degradation. And hydrogen is environmentally clean: the only by-products from a fuel cell are water and heat.

  • In addition to increasing productivity, hydrogen fuel cell technology helps lower operating costs.

    Fuel cell technology promises to improve warehouse productivity while lowering operating costs. With its ongoing work with fuel cells, Raymond is committed to advancing customer-centric innovation, so that Raymond trucks will be ready when fuel cell technology is viable to be commercialized.