• The LRW35 motorized walkie pallet jack is built right and priced right.
  • Beauty shot of the LRW35 motorized walkie pallet truck from the side

    Putting the "Ability" Back into Affordability

    The new LRW35 motorized pallet jack is simple to maintain and afford, enabling you to experience the productivity of a powered pallet jack at a price that won't break your budget. The LRW35 is ergonomically designed and economically priced, making it an ideal, user-friendly solution.

    From retail & grocery environments to wholesale & manufacturing operations, this pallet truck is perfect for low-volume, light applications. Take a step up from manual-pallet-handling solutions and discover the benefits of this brand new, motorized pallet truck.

You're Gonna Love this Truck! Here's Why...

  • The LRW35 pallet jack from LiftRite is easily maintainable.


    This brand new walkie pallet truck is easy to control and maneuver, and simplifies material-handling tasks around the warehouse, on the dock, or in trailers.

  • The LRW35 pallet jack from LiftRite is comfortable to use.


    The LRW35 is engineered to minimize maintenance & simplify service. It's also designed for maximum operator comfort & confidence, and can handle up to 3,500 lbs.

  • The LRW35 pallet jack from LiftRite is affordable.


    With its low, up-front price tag and minimal, ongoing cost of operation, the LRW35 allows you to be both efficient and cost-efficient. Move more without spending more.

  • The LRW35 pallet jack from LiftRite is capable of performing many jobs.


    This motorized pallet jack is a workhorse of a truck, offering everything you need to move more pallets, work more quickly, and operate more efficiently than a traditional hand pallet jack.

CLose up of the key for the the LRW35 pallet jack

Convenient On/Off Switch

Your operators will absolutely love the easy start-up and controlled access of the LRW35's simple-to-use on/off key switch.

Beauty shot of the LRW35 motorized pallet jack's battery charger

Onboard Charger

The LRW35's onboard charger makes it incredibly easy to charge the pallet truck so it's ready to use when you need it.

Close up of the handle on the LRW35 motorized pallet truck

Easy-to-Use Control Handle

Access lift/lower, travel & horn controls from either side of the handle to accommodate left- or right-handed operators.

Beauty shot of the speed gauge on the LRW35 pallet jack

Battery Discharge Indicator

The battery discharge indicator with life interrupt prevents over-discharge to protect electrical components.

  • Beauty shot of the the optional backrest for the LRW35 pallet jack

    Load Backrest

    Order your LRW35 motorized pallet truck with a 48" load backrest to prevent your loads from falling toward the equipment driver. This allows the product to rest against a flat surface, making loading and unloading much safer. The load backrest also aids in protecting the mast from damage.

  • Warehouse worker hauls product using the LRW35 pallet jack

    The LRW35 is Ideal for:

    Light Delivery
    Light Distribution

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