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    Forklift Virtual Reality Simulator

    Engaging Learning for Effective Onboarding. 

Virtually Everything You Want in a Teaching Tool

  • Teaching and reinforcing best practices in forklift operation is more important than ever in today’s fast-paced warehousing and distribution facilities. Faced with ever-increasing productivity demands and a shortage of skilled labor, you need new ways to attract lift truck operators, and to prepare them as quickly, efficiently, and completely as possible.

    Raymond's Virtual Reality Simulator offers a unique, engaging tool that can simplify everything from hiring to teaching to developing employees for enhanced performance and efficiency.

A Better Experience for Everyone


Teach more students, more quickly, more often, more efficiently.


Learn more quickly completely, securely, and enjoyably.


Reduce costs and optimize operation through efficient onboarding.

+ Setup Quickly

+ Tailor Your Teaching

+ Provide Real-time Feedback

+ Take Control

+ Learn the Ropes

+ Have Some Fun

+ Attract and Retain Labor

+ Familiarize in a controlled environment

+ Reinforce Best Practices

One System. Multiple Trucks or Bucks.

The Virtual Reality Simulator offers a more effective learning experience for operator students and a more efficient teaching tool for instructors. Users enter a simulated warehousing environment on a real Raymond forklift truck or buck. 

Raymond Virtual Reality Steps, Park it in your selected teaching area, hook up the system, plug truck into the sPORT, put on VR Goggles, start your teaching session

  • raymond virtual reality simulator, forklift simulator

  • raymond virtual reality simulator, forklift simulator

  • raymond virtual reality simulator, forklift simulator

With multiple lift trucks included in the software, you can quickly switch between models for instruction on different forklifts in your fleet. Each one comes with a series of guided lessons that increase in complexity and build upon principles learned in earlier lessons, providing operators with a consistent experience while reinforcing desired behaviors.

Enterprise-Wide Benefits

  • usable space, virtual reality


    Stationary truck allows operator instruction without the need for large, dedicated teaching areas.

  • more productive, virtual reality


    Immersive, engaging virtual experience develops better skills and builds confidence.

  • controlled environment, virtual reality


    Real lift scenarios in a virtual environment on stationary trucks.

Additional Resources & News

  • Broome-Tioga Workforce New York recognized there was a need to find more skilled labor to fill warehouse positions at various community distribution centers. To address this economic concern, it partnered with SUNY Broome and BOCES to develop an educational program that would teach job seeking individuals the needed skills. Part of this program was the Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator, which allowed the participants to enter a simulated warehousing environment on an actual Raymond forklift.

  • Learn more about the Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator and its benefits to warehousing operations, watch The Raymond Corporation’s presentation, “Virtual Reality Helps Solve a Real-world Labor and Skills Challenge,” from EDGE 2020 Live! The Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator is the first solution to offer virtual reality instructional education modules on an actual lift truck.

  • Is Training VR's Killer App?
    Ask Forklift Drivers

  • This article published in Forbes highlights the features and benefits of using Raymond's Virtual Reality simulator to help operators learn the truck before getting on the warehouse floor. Read More >

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