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Increase Pallet Capacity up to 300% within the Same Warehouse Footprint

Take Advantage of These Incredible Factory Incentives

Now through December 31st, 2019, we're inviting select customers to participate in our Raymond Swing-Reach promotional event. Maximize your usable warehouse space with turret trucks that have the potential to triple pallet capacity within your existing warehouse footprint. The Raymond Swing-Reach truck is specifically manufactured to address space constraints while providing significant cost savings in your operation. To participate, choose from one of these three options:

Our Raymond Swing-Reach factory incentives include $10,000 off a new Swing-Reach, $10,000 off the comprehensive fixed price maintenance of a Swing-Reach, and a 2.25% interest rate when you lease a Raymond Swing-Reach truck through Raymond leasing.

  • Offer valid now through 12/31/19 and is exclusive to existing Raymond customers by invite only. Offer can not be combined with any other Raymond discount program.

    All incentives are valid towards the purchase of (1) new Raymond 9600 or 9700 Swing-Reach lift truck. Factory incentives are mutually exclusive and can not be combined. Customers participating in the Raymond Leasing Program are subject to credit approval.

Raymond Swing-Reach Forklifts Are Built to Perform

  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Trucks Efficient Energy Usage

    ACR System

    Raymond Swing-Reach trucks deliver quicker acceleration and electronic braking, faster lift and lower speeds, and smoother direction changes for more efficient load handling and movement in very narrow aisles.
  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Trucks Charging

    Proven Energy Efficiency

    Third-party testing demonstrated that the Raymond 9600 and 9700 Swing-Reach trucks use 40% less energy than competing models, providing a considerable energy cost savings and extending battery life through a shift.
  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Truck Regenerative Lowering

    Regenerative Lowering

    The combination of superior control and AC technology results in fast, smoother performance and creates greater power when lowering loads; this is done by returning 10% of amps back to the battery for reduced energy consumption and increased uptime.
  • Raymond 9600 Swing Reach Truck in Aisle Driving Tractor First

    Load Control

    Operators will have better control of the load and be more efficient with fine positioning and control of the lift, travel and load-handling functions of Raymond Swing-Reach trucks.
  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Truck Engineered for Stability

    Three Wheel Design

    The Swing-Reach offers stability and operator confidence at height. Increased stability without the need for additional counterweight keeps your Raymond turret truck in the aisle working instead of at the battery charger.
  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Truck Wire Guidance Feature

    Wire Guidance and intelliguide

    Increase truck speed, storage capacity, and operator performance without the need for adjustment. Raymond Swing-Reach trucks engage the guide wire quickly and easily, and the no-tune intelliguide system offers excellent tracking and stability.
  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Turret Trucks Comfortable Operator Compartment

    Comfortable Operator Compartment

    Roominess is achieved by placing the operator between the mast uprights. The low, 16-inch step height allows easier entry into the operator compartment, and the light and fan package provides efficient lighting and air circulation at higher heights.
  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Truck Navigation Display

    Display and Controls

    The vehicle navigation assistant display allows operators to easily view important information about the truck and load. An intuitive operator interface and control handles allow effortless, simultaneous control of truck functions.
  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Truck Operator Compartment Close Up

    Fully Adjustable Contoured Seat

    Reduces much of the stress on operators that can lead to operator fatigue. Along with armrests and lumbar support, the control center adapts to each operator’s preferences.The swivel seat provides excellent visibility through the open view mast when traveling in the tractor first direction.
  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Truck Easy Cover removal

    Ease of Access

    The durable cover allows for convenient access to all components for service, and the intuitive controls and layout of components allow for ease of service and reduced time to repair.
  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Truck Convenient Component Layout for Service

    Fewer Components

    The ACR System provides ease of maintenance with fewer components to service and replace over competing AC motors.
  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Turret Trucks Parts Commonality

    Parts Commonality

    Raymond Swing-Reach turret trucks share parts commonality with our reach trucks and order pickers, to reduce parts stocking requirements and further simplify service.
  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Truck Mini Mast

    Auxiliary Mast

    Can be raised to the most ergonomically advantageous height.
  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Truck Adjustable Operating Positions

    Three Driving Positions

    Operate standing, seated or leaning for operator comfort and postural relief throughout the course of a shift. In case picking applications, the control arms and sidegates can be raised to create a generous picking window.
  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Truck End Aisle Load Retrieval

    Aisle and Load Widths

    The 9600 turret truck can be outfitted to accommodate a wide range of aisle widths and oversized loads – up to 48” deep by 108” wide, in aisles as narrow as 66”.
  • in-aisle detection, warehouse detection

    In-Aisle Detection System (IADS)

    The IADS is an application-specific feature that automatically alerts the operator via the display and sounds an audible alarm when objects are detected in the path of the truck, which then decelerates to a complete stop.

  • Zoning & Positioning

    Custom zoning and Positioning (ZaP) ensures more reliable, repeatable truck operation via automatically controlled truck functions, allowing your operators to better focus on their surroundings and the task at hand.

  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Truck Operator Compartment Barrier

    Pallet Handling Unit Platform Barrier

    The pallet handling unit platform barrier may be added to our Swing-Reach trucks to enhance your operators' security at elevated heights. The barrier comes in two different configurations, wide or narrow barrier.

  • Raymond Cold Storage Equipped Lift Trucks

    Cold Storage Conditioning

    Our cold-storage conditioning package protects your trucks' sensitive control systems and assures peak performance in refrigerated warehouses and freezer applications.

  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Truck with Wire Guidance

    Intelliguide System

    The Intelliguide system automatically steers the Swing-Reach in wire-guided applications, allowing your operators to better concentrate on picking orders.

  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Truck Extended Turret

    Extended Load Handling

    Place, pick, and move a variety of load sizes—up to 48” deep by 108” wide in aisles as narrow as 68”—with the extended load handling option.

  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Truck Sidegate Interlock Option

    Sidegate Power Disconnect Switch

    If you prefer the flip-down sidegate to always be lowered during operation, we can equip this feature to prevent lift, lower, travel, and load-handling when the sidegate is not in the lowered position.

  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Truck End of Aisle Slowdown Feature

    End of Aisle Slowdown

    Activated by magnets we bury in your flooring, this valuable safety feature reduces your trucks' speed at aisle end, in effect reinforcing your operators to stop prior to exiting an aisle.

  • Cold Storage

    Raymond maintains its own cold storage-test facility to replicate the harsh conditions of refrigerated warehouses, blast freezers, and other cold-storage facilities, allowing them to test their trucks' robust systems in extreme cycles of freezing and thawing. Our Swing-Reach trucks can be equipped with cold-storage conditioning and heated cab options for enhanced operator comfort in cold-storage warehouses.

  • High-Level Order Picking

    Boost throughput and pick rates in your operations with our reliable, high-performance Swing-Reach turret trucks that allow you to lift greater capacities to higher heights for increased operator productivity. Our Swing-Reach trucks are completely customizable too, which means you can select the exact lift heights and performance packages you need to meet your very-narrow-aisle and order-picking requirements.

  • UL EE

    The Raymond 9600 Swing-Reach turret truck complies with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 583. Raymond Type E and EE trucks are designed and manufactured to operate in classified locations, as defined in NFPA 505. Type E and EE products are tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

  • Very Narrow Aisle

    With over 200 combinations of heights, features, and capacities, our selection of very-narrow-aisle forklifts and Raymond Swing-Reach turret trucks offers superior versatility and effective solutions within your facility, helping to greatly improve the utilization of your existing, valuable warehouse space. 

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